1911 Photography is an attempt to share what I've come to enjoy from taking pictures. Studying and using light has been the drive behind my passion. My primary work involves object and architectural photography using both natural and man made light. I also do the typical stuff like portraits, infant photos, etc.....not a big fan of weddings but if the conditions are right I could be persuaded. I enjoy challenges, so if you have a wild idea and not sure how to do it, please get me involved. Also, this is a side job for me so I am very affordable.

My most recent project includes photographing homes in a method called High Dynamic Range. This technique allows me to maximize the details in a picture beyond what the normal eye is used to seeing. These pictures ride the line of reality and is a great way to capture the quality in detail that light reveals. You owe it to history to document your house for you and others in the future to enjoy.

If you are interested, take a look at my work and give me a call or send me an email.

About me....

I'm a 30 year architect who lives in midtown memphis. I've been married to my beautiful wife stephenie since 2006 and we have two children, lexi and aiden. I graduated from Mississippi State in 2005 with a bachelor's in architecture and I've worked at Allen and Hoshall ever since. I picked up a camera in september of 2005 and I've been carrying it ever since.

michel lebel
111 stonewall street
memphis tn 38104